Toto Andrew Barclay No. 1619


In 1987 some of the Society’s members had jointly acquired another locomotive, obtained from the Big Pit Railway. Toto was 1 of about 12 similar  loco’s owned by The Blaenavon Co Ltd they became coal board property on nationalisation in 1947. Only Toto & Nora survive.

The sister engine Nora, in the photograph above, is still at the Big Pit railway but is currently not in running order and is a static exhibit. Toto was in very poor condition with very little superstructure and major repairs required to the boiler. Toto is currently being restored at Mangapps. Work on the movable parts is also undertaken at one of the members’ workshop in Enfield.


Type 0-4-0
Gauge 4' 8.5"
Cylinders 16" x 24"
Wheels Diameter 3' 7"
Wheelbase 6' 0"
Tank Capacity 1030 gals
Bunker Capacity 12 cwts
Total Heating Surface 713 sq ft
Grate Area 12.5 sq ft
Working Pressure 160 lbs/in2
Tractive Effort @ 85% Boiler Pressure 19,430 lbs
Total Weight in Working Order 35 tons

Locomotive Report April 2015

Progress on Toto is still going well. A new piston has been made for the steam brake cylinder and new piston rings purchased. The cylinder has been refitted to the frames and tested using compressed air. The new running boards have been made and some heavy duty support brackets designed by John Dines made to support the new sidetanks we intend to fit instead of the original saddletank. We are currently attending to fit off the boiler plugs and making a new adaptor plate for the main steam pipe. Work on the motion is on hold while we try and source some new piston rings. It has been decided to carry out some extra repairs to the boiler which we hope to start this summer.